Freefall Climate Graffiti (2016)


Street art comprising: graffiti wall, and ‘woolly wall’ in mixed media

Freefall Climate Graffiti was a collaboration with Cleo Heard of Miss*C’s Graffiti Academy, working with the Freefall Youth Group at the Exeter Phoenix arts centre.

I created a series of maps, using UK Climate Projections data, as the starting point for refreshing the Phoenix graffiti wall. In three workshops, Freefall learned from Met Office scientists about climate research and from Cleo about street art and planning public art, designed the artwork, and cut out the stencils. On 14th May, during Art Week Exeter, we all painted the wall.

Cleo and I also introduced Freefall to Free Art Friday, which places artwork on the street for people to discover, enjoy and take home. The Met Office Crochet And Knitting Etc group shared their woolly skills, making small leaves, flowers, and butterflies to decorate the fencing by the graffiti wall.

We’re extremely grateful to Exeter City Council for supporting the project with a City Grant; to Pete Yeo and Caroline Harlow for their generosity early on; to the Met Office and Wilko for in-kind support; to local knitting groups and other enthusiastic friends; to Exeter Phoenix and the Freefall Youth Group, of course; and to Art Week Exeter for providing the metaphorical umbrella.


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Data sources

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